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Birth Checklist

Hint: you can print this page out and use it as your checklist


Simplify your Life

Nice to have

These are your must-haves based on the advice of OBGYNs, doulas, and experienced moms. You can choose low-priced options if budget is a constraint, but we suggest that you don't skip any.

These are the items that will make your life easier​. You could substitute some with items you already have at home, but the alternatives might not be as practical​​.

You can live without these items, but you may not want to. ​These are the products that add joy, beauty, comfort, and additional practicality.

Getting pregnant

  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Ovulation tests
  • Period / ovulation tracking app


    • Prenatal vitamins
    • Pregnancy-safe skincare
    • Pregnancy books / guides
    • Maternity clothes
    • Maternity underwear
    • Waistband extender
    • Water bottle
    • Compression socks
    • Birthing ball
    • Pregnancy pillow
    • Stretch mark cream

    Post delivery care

    • Loose clothing to wear home
    • Absorbent ice pads
    • Postpartum pads
    • Hemorrhoid medication
    • Perineal numbing spray
    • Peri bottle
    • Witch hazel liners / foam
    • Robe
    • Delivery gown
    • Slippers
    • Loose fit pajamas
    • Water bottle
    • Warm socks
    • Scar cream
    • Belly wrap


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    • Water bottle