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What makes Leleki special?

We are the marketplace and resource for conscious parents - helping you buy only the best products for you, your baby, and the planet.

Only the gotta-have gear
Conscious shopping starts with only buying the stuff you really need. We demystify the world of baby products so it’s easy to see what’s crucial—and what isn’t. Check out our Baby and Birth Checklists for your must-have items.

Products from companies that care
You demand more from the companies you support and so do we. Leleki only recommends products with a proven commitment to any or all of 8 core conscious values, and that meet our standards  for safety, practicality, and design.

All backed by expert research
Everything on our site has been researched and reviewed by our team of scientists and doctors, so you can feel confident you’re learning from the pros and buying the best of the best.

Who are your experts?

To start out, our founder is a Harvard-trained PhD Chemist. We work very closely with experienced pediatricians, a certified lactation consultant (IBCLC), and an obstetrician on all of our day-to-day work, including finding reviewing all content and blog posts on We also collaborate with other experts and conscious companies that author thoughtful blog posts.

I love what you do. How can I help?

Awwww, thank you! There’s a few ways you can lend a hand:

  • Tell your friends about Leleki
  • Purchase through our links 
  • Send us feedback to so we can keep improving

I’m looking for a Really Important Product, but I don’t see it. When will it be available?

Sorry about that! We’re just getting started, so there’s some gaps in our offering. We’re doing our best to have everything you need in one place without sacrificing quality. You can sign up for our email list below to make sure you are always in the loop. If you have a specific product request or something you think we should check out, shoot us a note at and we’ll look into it.

So... how do you make money?

We wanted to help new parents as quickly as possible, so we’re starting up in phases. Right now, you can purchase the products we curated through affiliate links, which means we get a cut of what the store earns. In the future, we’ll be selling directly through our own Leleki store, so you can mix and match brands and products with ease.

Can I make a registry with Leleki?

We’re working on it! We don’t have a date yet, but sign up for our email list to be the first to hear.

What does Leleki mean?

Our founder is originally from Ukraine, and "leleki" means "storks" in Ukrainian.

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